It is a first for me.


Drinking too much and losing control of my tongue.

It happened last night and I managed to hurt people I cared about very much. What was astonishing was that I was very clear what I would not talk about and managed to keep that part totally shut out. But the evening was clouded with shadows. With that frustration I headed for the party. This time I knew I wanted to drink, so decided to stay back and proceeded to drink myself silly. Drinking on an upset mind is such a bad idea.

Sorry can really be an inadequate word not sufficing for all that hurt. But then there is no way to take it back.

There’s a lesson for me. Don’t drink since you cannot handle it.


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  1. A lot of regrets have something or the other to do with drinking too much!

    I am sure your friends will not hold it against you and get that it was the drink talking, not you.

    By the way, I love the poem in your last post – especially the conlusion…

  2. Snigdha: Well it was more than just politically incorrect but yes the embarrassment has faded quite a bit.
    Rohini: Thanks rohini but that was more a heartfelt cry than a poem. 🙂 But that also means I can be budding poet!? Yay

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