It can be tough life


We are killed as little foetuses.

On the oft-chance that we survive,

We live inadequate lives

With less food and even lesser education

And taunts and barbs of being a girl

Some are us are strong and some lucky

And come out with education and a decent job

Only to be told that we will get paid

Less then our men counterparts

Why.. nobody enumerates.

We accept this and glass ceilings

And juggling home, husband and kids

With a job — often struggling with guilt

But its something we chose

And something, we are told, we have to bear

Then there are sexual innuendoes

And sexual harassment — at work

And in play and what are we supposed to do?

Just ignore. Sometimes fight against it

Only to hear ‘oh you are overreacting’

It just never ends

Sometimes I wonder what would

Happen if we rebelled

And refused to give birth?


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