Delhi has made me realise that you have to fight for every small facility you want or even what would have been your right and what’s worse is that everyone resigns themselves to it. That’s the way it will be done and most people berate me for complaining/cribbing even pointing it out.

Starting right from morning: My car wash guy (and the guy before him) filches money from my car. The amount is pathetically small and I feel like a fool but for me its about honesty. Its not like he does the job free of cost that he grabs whatever small change he sees. It also means to me that I can never leave anything of value in my car because every morning I will get stressed thinking ‘May be he should not clean the car from the inside today. My change purse is still there.’

Second instance: The maid servant. Its acceptable to not work – or take shortcuts and still expect holidays and full pay. Most days we dont complain – women managing drunk men for husbands have enough on their hands but I hate the feeling thats its ok all the time. And that we should be ok with that.

Again small fry for us but its the attitude that little or no work. Any utility from a plumber to an electrician to my latest bane the cable services chap. All think its their right to say they will turn up, not turn up and and expect no reprimand. I moved into my new place in January and from then till now I must have seen television for 10-20 days tops and probably have spent more money chasing him.

Any rick driver or vegetable vendor will try that much harder to get an extra rupee out of you just because it may not matter to you or does not affect you. So what? Is integrity that difficult? It just others me too much to reach that point where you decide to let it go. It just gets worse. I arrive at point where I am ok with doing everything myself just because I wont take tantrums. The day does not cooperate but that is another story.

That is not a long term solution but I get my peace of mind and fewer grey hair.

What’s worse is everyone including my parents think I should just let go. My dad’s reasoning: Its like this in Mumbai too. How is that a justification? That incompetency and a slack attitude is ok because its pervasive?

If I put myself in their shoes, did a shoddy job day after day and still expected raises, gifts and holidays along with my salary, not kept my committments and carried on like all is well it would certainly be bye-bye job. So why should it be any different?

Because they may not have had the same privilidges as me? may not have been as lucky as me to get an education and a job and independence? Perhaps. But being true to what you do is not an that much of a stretch. You may have one house where you work or one car that you wash but do that well and it has to stand you in good stead as opposed to doing ten cars, neither of them well.

But thats just my view and though I have (almost) discontinued cable and will be changing my car wash guy yet again, but the malaise seems to be omnipresent.


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