I say tomayto.. you say tomahto


tom3.jpgReading as much that I do online.. I have come to realise in the last few months that tomatoes.. can whip up quite a frenzy when they are available in their natural form.

As in not canned or preserved in any way. But I never got the fuss. Then I discovered food blogs and promptly proceeded to have a love affair with a tomato.

Its was quite a rage in, at least for large parts, US and Europe. That’s when I realised that we don’t appreciate the natural vegetables we get all year around. Made me go out and buy freshest tomatoes and gobble them up.. with a little salt and oregano.

And if you dont believe me.. check this out..

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  1. He he! The tomatoes in this pic sure look scrumptious. Actually, I’ve never really been a tomato lover ever. Although, since the last couple of days I have taken to them a little bit. But I’ll stop my fondness at the altar of tomato desserts.


  2. Tomatoes were once considered poisonous – did you know that? Also, every recipe using tomato should also include a pinch of sugar to take care of oxalic acid. I love tomato.

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