In the last two weeks, as many cars have been burnt to a charred mess on the DND Flyway… in the first case it was typical rule flouting where a truck was coming down the wrong side of the highway… in the fastest lane.. crashed into an Esteem and am not even sure the two occupants were identified… and a colleague witnessed this… poor fella still reels when he talks about the burning arm…

Then the second incident happened yesterday (cant find the link and story pasted below) and in both cases the time between the car catching fire and totally getting engulfed was very little and despite people reaching there to rescue no body could rescue the victims in time..

In both cases there are enough obvious reasons why the accident happened (collision in the first, short cirtcut in yesterday’s case..)

But a colleague of mine points out an interesting fact… all the car interiors are in plastic so one fire and all insides including door handles are likely to melt and he thinks that is perhaps the reason why nobody is able to come out in those last few precious seconds… His father survived something similar out of an Ambassdor but could open the door and come out and sustained one burn on his hand as a result of it.

You’d think? That effectively means we are …unless u have a high-end car with metallic door handles (inside and/or outside) … driving death traps!

Maruti catches fire, man killed
Megha Suri | TNN

New Delhi: A 32-year-old supplier of gift items was charred to death as the Maruti 800 car he was driving suddenly went up in flames on DND toll road on Thursday evening. He has been identified as Kamaldeep Arora, a resident of Pratappura in Shahdara.
Though the cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained, auto experts said it was probably due to a short circuit. The car burst into flames around 5 pm and was completely charred within minutes. An eyewitness saw Arora pulling over to the side with smoke billowing out of the bonnet.
“I was going on the way back to my house in IP extension when I spotted smoke coming out of the car. The driver was trying to pull over to the side but even before he could stop the car, it caught fire,’’ said Kumar, who was on the flyover on his mobike.
“The fire engulfed the car within seconds—people working in the fields rushed to help and tried dousing the flames with mud but to no avail. There was no way of getting the driver out either,’’ he said. By the time the fire brigade came, Arora was dead.
This is the fourth incident of death due to a vehicle catching fire in the capital this year. Just last week on DND itself, a man was charred inside his Maruti Esteem after it collided with a truck. In May, a Honda City went up in flames killing both its occupants. Again in February, three persons died inside a Fiat Palio which caught fire after a collision. Initial investigations suggest the fire was caused by a short circuit.


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