Peas stranegly evoke a very strong response.. at least in my office. People single them out of various dishes and allow them to tumble into the dustbin… and there is no question of actually eating a preparation made entirely with it.

I, of course, dont keep with the trend and love peas. Pulaos, sabzis, in meat, in eggs, in poha, in upma.. if i could, id mash them up and put them as a filling in sandwiches. Back home we even have samosas with a crushed matter (pea in hindi/marathi) filling. ..and once was brave enough to try ‘matter kheer’ which was absolutely yum!

Yeah its winter time here and like all things green, peas too are likely to come into the markets soon enough — fresh, sweet and not exhorbitantly expensive– to buy a kilo and eat it straight from the bag. Yeah life’s small pleasures.

It cute as a vegetable, no? It certainly has been around for long ..


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