Will it ever change


Kangaroo court orders woman to marry rapist
Ostracises Couple For Defying Talaq Diktat
Sukumar Mahato | TNN

Behrampore: Raped on knifepoint in front of her four children, while her husband, a mason, was away to Bangalore on work, there wasn’t much Rehna (name changed) could do on the night of July 25. The ordeal that started then for the woman continues to haunt her life till now, making her a victim of one wrong after another.
It came as no balm for the scars of the henious crime when a kangaroo court of Kantabagan village at Behrampore in West Bengal, decided that Rehna must marry her rapist Monsur Mallick and divorce her husband. Though she defied the orders of the village chiefs who convened the court, they remained adamant. There was no way she could stay with her husband any more, she was told. The kangaroo court also ordered the rapist to pay Rs 18,000 in two months. The money was to be kept in the custody of the village chief and used to meet Rehna’s divorce cost and fund the village’s development.
Luckily for Rehna, her husband Muluk Sheikh stood by her, refusing to give her talaq. This angered the ninemember jury, which included five CPM members. The jury ruled that even Muluk would be thrown out of the village if he took back Rehna.
Rehna, meanwhile, had no place to go. Her father turned her out in fear. She was forced to go begging for shelter and meals to the homes of relatives willing to put her up. “I want justice. The rapist should be punished. I will never marry the person who raped me,’’ Rehna said.
But she claims that Behrampore police station has refused to take her complaints. She has now written to the office of the superintendent of police.
Monsur denied he had raped Rehna and said the village chiefs would settle everything at the panchayat. Bihar’s Imrana yet to get relief
Rahmatnagar (Purnia): Shehnaz Begum’s story is the same as Imrana’s. But she is yet to get relief, though a Purnia court has taken cognizance of her case.
The 19-year-old Shehnaz, a native of Rahmatnagar village on the outskirts of Purnia town in Bihar, was repeatedly raped by her sexagenarian father-in-law Mohd Asho after her husband Samiruddin left for Mumbai to make a living.
Even her husband did not come to her rescue and her scheming father-in-law married Samiruddin to another woman, without allowing a divorce to Shehnaz.
Last year, a panchayat was held at which the local mufti decreed that as Shehnaz had sexual relations with her fatherin-law, she had lost the status of Samiruddin’s wife and should live with Asho. Shenaz is now fighting for a divorce.
Asho claims Shehnaz has fabricated the case. “I was against my son’s marriage with Shehnaz; hence, her fury against me,” his lawyer quoted him as saying. TNN


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