I used to have a blog before.. which went on for a while.. and today someone told me he found that and went through its archives. So I, too, decided to revisit the blog. While reading through it, I realised that I had so much to say. Every small even affected me and I could distinguish a lot more. Now I just seem to want to fence sit. Need to stir my emotions again! Any suggestions?


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  1. Hi,
    Came across your blog a few weeks back and have been regularly visiting it.

    Reading your post today, felt like sharing some thoughts. I hope they are relevant.

    Quite a few times, whenever I have revisited my past, I realise that I am becoming less opinionated as I grow old. May be I am as opinionated but the sharpness of the opinions have reduced and hence the feeling!Whatever it is, as you move from one phase of life from another, you get a feeling as if you are mellowing down.

    Perhaps you are going from a transition. I don’t know much about you so can be wrong but sometimes in our lives, we change without knowing it!

    Final thought: You’ve said that you need to stir your emotions again!The question is why? If you get a very very genuine your answer from within, go for it!Otherwise, just be how you are right now!

  2. i went through a phase where i felt that i wanted to say so many things but never got around writing. i used to say ‘what’s the point?’ i was also being very lazy.
    but then again when i did write, i felt good about writing, it was a kind of high. so i do it purely for that high, everything else is a bonus.

  3. Leziblogger: True, one does mellow and on that odd day you feel like you have lost the ability to emote but now I know better. I guess that visit to my old archives was needed. And yes welcome to blogging!
    Sheece: This kind of writing totally for self is quite liberating and after all that writing that one does for one’s bread and butter.
    Mukta: šŸ™‚

  4. Fence-sitting is quite different from being level headed. Are you sure you were fence-sitting? Or that you needed to have your emotions stirred? Somehow, I don’t think that’s true.

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