Hmmph.. no more shuffling around in the dark I guess


Make out a mile-high: You can have sex in an aeroplane for $299

Atlanta: If you’ve ever fantasised about joining the infamous mile high club, fantasy could become reality much faster than you think. An Atlanta-based company called Mile High Atlanta now offers couples the opportunity to travel into the skies for a romantic getaway—complete with a custom-fit bed, brand new sheets and a complimentary bottle of champagne.
The founder, corporate pilot Bob Smith, says he and his business partner conceived the idea five years ago as a way to make some extra money on weekends. He has piloted more than 75 flights, with couples from all parts of the country paying $299 an hour for a roll in the sheets at more than 5,000 feet.
Historically, joining the mile high club refers to having intercourse more than a mile off the ground, says Gloria G. Brame, a clinical sex therapist in Atlanta. It’s been reported that the founding member of the mile high club is Lawrence Sperry, the inventor of the autopilot (who, ironically, crashed while engaging in sexual activity with a woman while he was flying). Brame says many people find it fun and exciting to have sex in places that are prohibited. “Having sex on airplanes has been around for almost as long as flights have existed,” she says.
Sex under security
As for US federal aviation regulations, it’s totally legal to join the mile high club. “There is no FAA rule that governs behaviour in the lavatory,” says FAA spokesperson Les Door.
But heightened air travel security has limited passengers’ freedoms on commercial flights, and many couples find it more difficult to sneak into the bathroom, says Joy Davidson, a New York sex therapist and author of the book Fearless Sex. Davidson says a service like Smith’s could certainly add some adventure into a couple’s relationship.
Smith agreed, sensing there was a market of people looking for an erotic midair tryst. “I’ve had all types of customers,” he says. “Everyone from old married couples to people having affairs.”
Whoever it is, Smith says he doesn’t ask a lot of questions. “I put the curtain up and put my headset on to drown out any sounds that may occur.” Couples use a kitchen timer to keep track of their hour and avoid having the pilot interrupt.
Stacie Jackson, an Atlanta realtor, joined the mile high club on one of Smith’s flights on her 28th birthday. “My husband found out about the service and surprised me,” she says. “We had a good time. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday!”
Jackson says, without question, spreading out on a bed beats cramming into a dirty, tiny aircraft bathroom. “It’s much more private, hygienic and most of all there is a lot more room,” she says.
What women want
Somewhat surprisingly, Smith says 75% of his customers are women. “When a guy books this kind of thing, he may be looked at as perverted,” he says. “But when a woman does it, men usually think it’s a really hot thing to do.”
Smith says one female passenger was so frightened that he had to turn around and land the plane. “Her boyfriend came back a week later with another woman,” he says. Smith also says he once had an older gentleman book two hours, but about 45 minutes into the flight he told the pilot to land. “I guess he was faster than he thought,” Smith laughs.


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