Some nuggets


I probably should not be doing this.. but the last few days have been browsing through what feels like tons of CVs and had to keep these … they gave me a relief when I badly needed some.. and I also realised.. that I am quite formal at heart… πŸ™‚

  • Confidence of writing about topics from Potato to Sex.
  • Confidence to become a business tycoon…
  • I am flexible towards timing ..
  • I am an optimist and make surrounding’s go.
  • Willing to work as a key player in creative and challenging environment without any dithering
  • Sex in newspapers… Where are these newspapers?
  • Excellent professional and ornamental writing ability.
  • SHORT TERM: Focus on completing my degree with flying colours MEDIUM TERM: To start a career in Mass Communication by securing a job which will nurture my skills and interests. LONG TERM: β€œTo Strive, to Seek, to Find and not to yield.” Eh????
  • Graduation from Panjab University in 2005
  • Creative Writer with exceptional communicational skills
  • In every stage of life objective always be changing. There is no end of objective.
  • I have done too much assignment, which was related from Journalist point of view.
  • Looking for or wants the job? PR Trainee- for an NGO in Poland
  • Content Writer or Cultural event organizer
  • I want to observe my identity in the field of communication.
  • To solve the problems, not create the problems
  • I am good at conceptualize, introspection, inquiry, and writing.
  • College like Miranda House added fumes to the fire of _expression inside me.
  • Some email ids:

Some pointers!

Please do a spell check; read it out loud to yourself; dont exaggerate – we have written and sugar coated them ourselves and can pick one very easily…

PS and if while reading this.. you recognise something… I am sorry.. no offense intended…


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